Employer Circle

A cohort of employers focused on achieving, sharing and learning equitable workplace best practices through virtual events and online resources.

Digital Membership [PDF]

Employer Circle’s mission is to engage employers in increasing equity in the workplace, in narrowing and eventually closing the gender wage gap. Working together, we can create a more inclusive economy.

Companies join Employer Circle for a host of reasons: to attract and retain diverse talent, to access and learn more about best practices in the workplace, and to hear what is working for other industries and workplaces to increase equity. Joining Employer Circle includes opportunities to shape and participate in relevant learning events, access to curated online tools and recognition as a civic leader in the community.

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For more information about Employer Circle digital membership please CLICK HERE.

“This cohort is an excellent forum to connect with other signatories, share information and learn. I’ve enjoyed hearing from leaders across various industries about how they are supporting women in the workplace and pro-actively working to increase gender equality.”

— Christina Weber, T-Mobile

Signatory Commitment

Signatory companies make the following pledge:
“Achieving gender equity in the workplace is important to our business and community and we pledge to be part of the solution.”

Thank you to Employer Circle’s signatory partners

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