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The Mid-Year Power Pause: Reflect. Re-Align. Refocus Your Work + Whole Life

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Get clear on where to focus your time, energy, money and resources the second half of this year, personally and professionally. Like a personal leadership offsite for the health of your business and yourself, a Power Pause is intentional space for you to step out of the day-to-day, tap into your deeper wisdom, and gain a bigger picture of what’s happening. So you can wisely adjust where and what you focus on for the next cycle ahead. 

 You’ll leave the interactive and reflective session with more clarity about what to grow and focus on, what you can put on maintenance mode (to create space for yourself), and what to let go and do later. Result? Less overwhelm. Receive more of what matters to you. More true success. 

 In the 90-minute session, you’ll be led through a three-step process in which you: 

 1. REFLECT: Acknowledge and celebrate what you have already accomplished and learned this first half of the year (which is more than you think!) This means you start the second half of the year feeling successful vs. feeling behind. 

 2. REVEAL WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU: There are so many things you could do, but what really matters to you? One reason we get overwhelmed is we hold all the possibilities within our minds, which short circuits us. You’ll have the space to look at all the things you could, should and would love to focus on professionally and personally. Like unpacking an overstuffed suitcase, you'll be able to see what's really needed and wanted, and what matters most to you. 

 3. CHOOSE TO FOCUS: Use the power of this session and the community to stay focused on what matters to you and release or redesign the rest. Left to our own, we will always try to do more, or let what doesn’t create immediate results stay on the backburner. Together, we will make sure you leave with a balanced focus that includes your whole life + your current work + the work and reality you are desiring to create. I

f you don't pause to reflect, tune in to yourself, and consider all the things you could do, you'll keep trying to do much or focusing on the wrong things vs. what really matter. 

Take a Power Pause as preventative care to avoid burnout and overwhelm. To make space for the projects and changes that really matter to you. Set yourself up now to end the year feeling successful in your business, health, wealth and relationships. 

 About Christine Arylo: 

 Christine Arylo, MBA, Feminine Leadership Advisor and Social Impact Entrepreneur, specializes in working with powerful women who desire to make a difference in the world through their work, but not at the sacrifice their own wellness and happiness. A three-time best selling author and host of the Feminine Power Time podcast, Arylo is known as a catalyzing trailblazer and voice for personal and systemic transformation, leading the way to do things differently. She marries her two decades of business know how with her deep training in feminine wisdom, yogic science and human potential to create new structures, systems and perspectives on how we can work, live, operate and create in more sustainable ways. She’s speaks and teaches around the world, and has touched over 35,000 people with her breakthrough teachings and programs. She moved to the Seattle area a year ago to write her next trilogy on women’s empowerment and feminine leadership. Her fourth book, coming next August, is called Overwhelmed and Over It! Why It’s Not Your Fault and How to Find the Power To Change It.


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