Aniesia Williams


Aniesia Williams is a proven thought-leader, journalist, and digital beast. Aniesia possesses over a decade of experience across digital & experiential marketing, branding, communications, and publicity. She has worked tirelessly without losing her vision or vibrancy to reflect the voices of brands and businesses that required a courageous leader to catapult them to success. She works in the trenches of Fortune 500 companies and top non-profits to build brands from being uncertain to undeniable. She contributes and edits insightful content that influences millions of readers via the top media outlets with a global distribution like Business Insider and Black Enterprise. She rightfully takes her seat at the table to speak on the needs for diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. And while most consider these tasks as a part of her job description as Partner, Chief Experience Officer with Solve Innovation Group, Ms. Williams has consistently shown that this is her personal and professional plight. Her efforts exceed any nine-to-five obligations. She has made it her life’s work.