The Riveter Summit: Negotiating to Lead

No matter what side of the negotiating table you occupy, chances are you could hone your skills. Whether you’re a manager, an executive or a business owner, your career is made up of negotiations, big and small. How do you identify where you need to be, and then work to get there?


  • Faye Penn, Executive Director of
  • Nina Vaca, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group
  • Lauren McGoodwin, Founder and CEO of Career Contessa, Host of The Femails Podcast, and Author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose”
  • Marty McDonald, Founder of Boss Women Media
  • Rachel Sklar, Founder,
  • Shay Bolton, Managing Director, Savills