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We know the statistics about women at work.

We wanted to know the stories. Through The Riveter Listening Tour and comprehensive survey, we reached out to working women across the country — and across profession, race, age, and income level — to ask about their lived experiences at work. What is it like show up every day to a workforce with a gender pay gap, a maternal wall, and a glass ceiling?

This is what we found:
On the surface, things don’t look so bad. Around half of working women say they are generally happy at work. But asked for more information, women report gender, race, body shape, and caregiving roles impact their work on a daily basis and at critical opportunities. We may be used to it, but women are navigating a vast landscape of daily inequities and sacrifices in the workplace. The good news: if we listen to women to understand and transform this landscape, we can join forces to change the statistics and create better outcomes for all.

Unequal Every Day

We found: From protection to projects to pay, women do not get enough in the workplace.

Motherhood & The Caregiver Cost

We found: Women take responsibility for family and pay the price at work.

A Thousand Cuts

We found: Race, age and body type combine with gender to create different landscapes of inequality for women with different identities.

Three women sit on a sofa and listen to a fourth speak.

The Riveter Listening Tour

We traveled the country talking to women about their experiences at work. What is it like to go to work every day knowing women make less than they are worth? What is your biggest worry at work? Who stays home when your children are sick? When is the last time you received a raise? Listening to the diverse experiences of women can fuel our collective power to make change for all.

Map of USA showing 8 cities

100 Women. 8 States.

We met with working women across different industries in their communities — in their offices, their restaurants, their homes — to find out the stories behind the statistics. From Seattle to Atlanta, Las Vegas to El Paso, women described what it is like to work harder, earn less, and carry more of the weight. Every single day.

A Work Force for Change: Driving equity in the workplace an beyond

The Riveter Report

We partnered with YouGov to survey women across industry, employment type, race, age, geography and more about their experiences at work. While there are surveys about women in corporate America and others about sexual harassment in the service industry, our focus was to get at women’s lived experiences at work, wherever they work. We believe listening  to women to confront these daily experiences holds the key to transforming our workplaces.
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